Vitaly Shchepetilnikov
The Biography

Vitaly Shchepetilnikov

Vitaly is the son of an artist and grandson of sailor and shipbuilder. He has a great passion for the Sea and all that surrounds it. As the son of a painter, he took to art naturally and has been focusing on the beauty of crashing waves, ships and magnificent skylines. Although not limited to that subject it is his favorite and he thrives on recreating its beauty. Vitaly is represented throughout Europe and currently in the United States, exclusively with Arcana Gallery. Was born in 1956 in the city of Rybinsk, the Yaroslavl area.
1966-1970 - children`s school of Rybinsk.
1971-1975 - the Yaroslavl art school.
1979-1984 - Stroganov Art School, Moscow.
A member of the Union of artists since 1987. Replica Watches
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