Andrey Veselyansky
The Biography

Andrey Veselyansky was born on March, 20th, 1969 in the city of Krasnodar, a southern region of Russia. He started to draw when he was only 5 years old and had his first exhibition at the age of 11. He began his academic studies at the Krasnodar Art School and continued his training at the Krasnodar Art Academy. Two years after his graduation from Krasnodar Art Academy he started his studies at the Krasnodar State University. Andrey has mastered numerous artisitc crafts including, porcelain sculpture, miniatures, and since 2000 has engaged in creating artistic jewelry.

In 2005, along with his spouse, Andrey entered the Union of Artists of Moscow. In parallel with decorative styles of art, Andrey has always remained active in oil painting. Andrey currently resides and works in Moscow with his wife and two daughters.

Lastest exhibitions:

2005 - "Moscow Speaks. Time to be together ", Berlin.
2005 - Anniversary exhibition of Art Academy, Moscow.
2006 - " Moscow is the heart of Russia ", Luxembourg.
2007 - "Anniversary Moscow”, Moscow.
2007 - "Reference Point", Krasnodar.
2007 - "Russian space ", Luxembourg.

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